Sheaff's Rest Home works hard to provide all residents with a safe, comfortable, and homely environment, treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.

With medical professionals managing the business, residents can be assured their health and wellbeing comes first.



Located in Whakatane, Sheaff's is a locally owned and independently operated rest home. Sheaff's welcomes everyone walking through it's doors, and we view our facility as not only a home for our residents, but for their friends and family.

With a dedicated cook, two diversional therapists, two registered nurses and a registered GP on call, we aim to provide quality care for our residents and make them feel as comfortable and looked after as possible.

Sheaff's has a strong community spirit behind it, with various activities to encourage residents to get out of their rooms and enjoy interacting with each other, our staff and the wider community. We encourage friends and family to visit and get involved in the activities as much as possible and welcome community groups that are keen to be involved with the rest home.


Nancy Manuel

I'm very happy with the staff taking great care of my sister. My family and I are very happy our sister is safe, warm, loved and well looked after.

Bev Manahi - Resident

I love living at Sheaffs, it’s warm, welcoming and safe with excellent meals and lots to do. 

Janet Lefort - Resident

I have a beautiful room, lots of friends, and I’m well looked after by friendly staff.